IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

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Safebox offers two flavors of Staff Augmentation:

  1. Recruiting services for individual technical roles
  2. Fully staffed and managed technical teams

Recruiting Services:

Recruiting for tech is different.

Whether it's a Product Manager, a CxO or even a back-office role, aspiring tech unicorns want unicorn talent. It’s not enough for recruits to have the right mix of skills and experience; they also need to be a strong culture fit. At Safebox, we make culture fit a key part of our recruiting process, ensuring that candidates understand and exemplify the core values of the company they will be interviewing with.

Are you a large, global company looking for candidates comfortable working with diverse, international teams via Zoom? Or are you a family-run business looking for recruits to be part of a close-knit office-based team? Safebox can find your needle in a haystack. Safebox can find your unicorn.

"I was able to rely on Safebox to bring top Project Managers to the team … Safebox has an excellent eye for talent, and the entire Safebox team served Airbnb well." -- M.G., Airbnb, Head of Talent Systems

Fully Staffed Nearshore and Offshore Teams:

Safebox has partnerships with established development shops in South America, India, and South Africa. Our partners can provide a team of Technical Architects, Engineers, UI/UX, DBA and QA resources to meet the needs of an individual project or provide managed services for your technical operations.

With this model, you provide the requirements and desired business outcomes and Safebox handles all aspects of people and project management.

By working with Safebox, you gain the cost benefits of an offshore model without the headaches of conflicting time zones, culture barriers, or communication gaps. Your key point of contact will be a Safebox US based senior technical program manager with a track record of managing offshore teams to deliver results.

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